Rolex watch brand ranking list

Watch brand list of watches is a man's success and a symbol of taste. Patek Philippe is the number one Patek Philippe, which is a leader in the watch brand list of the Swiss well-known and even the world famous watch brand, which was founded in 1839, is a replica watches uk with a number of patented technology, using the original handmade exquisite watch technology, Of the boutique consciousness cast its reliable quality, exquisite workmanship, able to create a beautiful or even perfect appearance, never stop innovation to create a watch brand list of well-known leading brands. Its annual output is 20,000 pieces. Second place is Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet is a relatively high-profile watch brand. Audemars Piguet in 1972, the success of the rolex replica industry classic, high-profile release of the high-end sports watch full steel material series "Royal Oak" (Royal Oak), the rules of the octagonal octagonal case are decorated with eight screws , Rough and noble. Founded in 1875, the annual output of 15,000. Ranked third is Breguet Breguet Breguet is often known as the "watch king", 18K gold to create the precious metal manufacturing shell, coupled with crocodile leather strap, silver dial, very beautiful and beautiful. It was founded in 1775, the annual output is 9,000. Vacheron Vacheron Cnstantin is ranked fourth Vacheron Constantin known as the aristocratic works of art, 250 years of history Vacheron Constantin is a profound humanist Jean-Marc Vacheron was founded in 1775. Has been playing a key role in the Swiss watch industry, limited production of the movement and shell technology is extremely good. The annual output is 20,000. Ranked fifth is the IWC IWC has 137 years of history is the United States Boston engineer Florentine Jones (Florentine A. Jones) is 1868 in the Rhine River plant was founded. Precise technology coupled with innovative ideas by the first-class table division to create a nautical elite automatic watch, with excellent impact resistance of the dual performance. Ranked sixth is Piaget Piaget 1874, the birth of the count with the "always do better than the requirements of" brand concept, the craftsmanship of the tireless exploration of its brilliant brand created to create a surprising and innovative spirit of the jewelry watch. The charm of time and the perfect combination of jewelry, 堪称 classic. Its annual output is 20,000. Ranked seventh is Cartier Cartier Cartier (Cartier SA) was founded by Louis-François Cartier in Paris in 1847 at Rue Montorgueil 31. French watch and jewelry the perfect combination of manufacturers, known as the history of the watch VIO (Very Important Object). Annual production is unknown. Ranked eighth Jaeger leCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultre Jaeger-LeCoultrew is a brand with a glorious history, it is from 1833 Antoine LeCoultrew with several new inventions and hundreds of exclusive patents to create product family, watch brand history is the pioneer. Founded in 1833, the annual production in 1998 was 43,000. Ranked ninth Rolex Rolex replica watches is the Swiss watch industry classic brand. Rolex is the legendary leader of the watch, it's expensive. But the quality of the Rolex is a symbol of good quality, with good investment value. Founded in 1878, the annual output is 700,000. Ranked tenth is Girard Perregaux Girard-Perregaux As one of the famous brands Girard Perregaux Girard Perregaux, has a fine ultra-thin table, and that the wonderful combination of wonderful complex process is impressive. It was founded in 1791. Its annual production is 20,000. From the top of the row, we can see that the Rolex watch for the ninth position, this is a very good position to the.